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                                                        Mohabbat- मोहब्बत


Invite the power of mother nature into your home , with this beautiful handmade live art, perfect to add a bit of life in any space. 

              Easy to care for, Healing Terrariums. Each one created with the essence of power, incorporating different healing crystals within & blessed by shamans. 

              Each design is unique and prices varies depending on size.

You can customise your own terrarium just contact us let us know what you would like and we shall do the rest... 



                                                                 I LOVE YOU


   You are perfect just the way you are, perfect in every form, created just how you was intended to be, a great creator. You never stop doing this, as you create as done the universe. You are a beautiful refection of the very force that moves through all things, that is all things.


                   “Your duty to you, is to awaken to your greatness”


This beautiul  Live Art peace offers healing properties of  mouhter Giya's Redquorts crystal. The energy that iminated from this crastal is one of pure life force, emboding pure life, fortitude and protection.  


This energy is perticuler usefull to rase the vibartion of the home in these trying times, to help realine the house enegry all all who is in the space to help navigate the challenegs of this world. 


Or Customise your Healing : 


  • Rose Quartz – Helps to heal emotional & Relationship energy  
  • Clear Quarts – Enhance Mental Clarity
  • Moon Stone –Raises vibration to assist in Inner Growth and Strength healing
  • Jasper – Helps to Manage stress
  • Selenite – Helps enhance vibrations of Peace and tranquillity
  • Lapiz Lazuli – Open up your mind & assist with enlightenment
  • Onyx – Helps to raises your vibration to one of  Self - Awareness & Harmony
  • Amethyst –  Raise the your Spiritual awareness and Vibration


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  • This product is made of glass so please be very careful with item. Products can vary from photos as each one is handmade and is made with you in mind.

    You can customise your Live art work to what suits you and your healing needs Just send us an email or give us a call and we will arrange everything for you.

    You have the options to order your item, email us your order number and adaptations you require and we will be in touch within 24hours. You can also email us or call us and we will create your Live art piece together.

    No extra charges to customise you item.

  • Orders are hand delivered by our special delivery team as this item is extremely fragile.

    Delivery cost is £5 / £10 depending on your postcode area, please contact us to find out how much your delivery will cost.

    If you are in the Ipswich Town centre or close to delivery is £5.

    Collection avaiable - FREE 

    Delivery payment is taken from the driver at the point of delivery.

    Please check over your item thoroughly at deliver/collection, if there is any issues we will return items & will either give you a full refund with small charge for delivery / collection or depending on what the situation is we will come to an agreement.

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