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Awaken your 3rd eye and discover a different level of consciousness you have access . Awaken to you and the power of your beautiful mind.


The pineal gland is an extremely vital organ within your brain and is responsible for a lot more than we know when it comes to the full health of one’s body. One of the most important function of the pineal gland is that it is responsible for our circadian rhythms, meaning it is what tells our body when it is time to awaken and time to sleep it produces our serotonin and melatonin as well as all the vital vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay happy and healthy. Through our lifetimes we calcify this gland with the chemicals in our , drinks, foods and air. So begin to unlock your powerhouse of health and awaken your higher self.

Pineal Gland Activation Kit

SKU: 217537123517253
  • What you get in your home ceremonial kit: 

    *Small sage pack - To clans space

    *Hape`- Shamanic Snuff x2 created with sacred healing plants of the amazon rainforest

    *Rapé pipe (Pipes Vary from image) - Self home application pip , made from wood

    *Crystal Tumble stone - Intuitively chosen for your kit

    *CBD Tea - Deep relaxation, helps with Anxiety, lower stress levels

  • Thank you for ordering with us. We are so happy to see you have decided to take your power back and begin your healing process. 

     We send out our shipments every Monday and you will recieve your product within 7 working days or less. 


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