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Shamanic Healing 

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Love From Essence Of Power By LVS 

Within each and everyone of us there is an essence that burn bright from the  day we arrived on our beautiful mother earth. As we got older we began to forget as we got shown a different world to the world we experienced  inside us. 
Awaken that inner child as your young self still resides inside you waiting for you to pay attention to it's wants and needs for self growth. Your inner child is always calling out to you and trying to tell you what it needs to be happy and to strive but like adults once did to us we again do it to our own inner child.

Learn to tune in and communicate  with your inner essence  , as it is  there to teach you, it will be  your best teacher and friend to help you discover yourself and therefor your path. 

Your life path is the  mission imprinted onto your soul, the one you must awaken to in order for you to achieve fulfilment on earth.  We are all here for different missions we are all created different to express and learn in different ways. But never forget we are all one from the same one and expression of the one. You are perfectly imperfect just the way you are created in your beautiful form. Love every part of you accept everything you see in the mirror when you look at yourself.  You are here to express life by shinning bright and spreading the message of love , light and happiness by just being you and doing what makes your heart sing and light up. Everything we do in the power of love is a celebration of life. 
"Life Path"

"Challenges arrive to activate your true power, without the fire there's no light."

-@2019 - Leyandra Van Sertima 


You are a powerful creator... 

Reviews, with Love 

Live , Laugh, Learn , Grow

Plant Life ...

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Healing Terrariums

Invite  the healing energy of mouther nature into your home with these beautiful customised live art pieces . Each one is unique and hand made for you with love. 

Why not Customise your design? send us a message and work with us to bring your art work alive. 


Create a gift strait from your heart. 

Helping to create Positive
change ...

Each terrarium brought, supports the projects of creating a better future for all.  




Together we are one 

Terrarium 1.JPG

Meditational Time

Each terrarium hold a powerful sacred message of love deep within its centre. Surrounded by 
Gaia power of Crystals and Plants, Each terrarium bring a sense of calm and serenity to your home using all its elements to raise the vibration of your home and all within.


Your Terrarium is an extension of you and as you care and nurture it, it will cares and nurture you. A reminder everyday that what you put into life you receive and you are unlimited potential. As your Terrarium grows so does the connection to higher self, awakening you to your true essence. 

As you interact with your terrarium daily it’s a form of meditation. A beautiful reminder, you must always make time for you.

You are the change...

Together we stand strong.


Wilberforce Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1

Tel: 07 546 820 899

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