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Leyandra - INFJ

My Story starts in south America were I was born. I moved to England when I was very young but I quickly learnt that I was very much responsible for my own happiness.

I found myself quickly falling into depression and that then quickly developed into anxiety and PTSD. This all starting  from the age of eight and seemed to keep getting worse as I went through school and college. I felt so lost and unwanted by everyone and everything around me.


I will not Be Stopped 


I didn’t know how to fix this situation but what I did know without question that I would make it, as failure was not an option. Constantly feeling miss understood by my peers and family, I felt like I was going crazy and could  not see how I was to live my whole life feeling this way.  I established  help from doctors but quickly found  the medication they was giving me wasn’t  helping me at all,  in fact it began  to prohibit my cognitive skills, perception and so much more. I know it was having the opposite effect to what I wanted for my life. 

Time to awaken Brave Warrior 


So I had to make a choice , I could either carry on with my medication, let this take control of my life  and not function or I could find another way to cure myself. So I decided I was going to take control of the situation and take my power back. I  started looking for answers , answers to all the questions I had and I was going to find them. I made it into my life’s work to find out what my purpose was, why was I hear and what am I to do.  As I was not about to be controlled anymore by anything externally like circumstances or people.



So The Adventure Begins

 I began looking for my answers and discovered in the process my answers were also searching for me. Once I had direction and a better understanding of myself I began to use what I had learned to put it into practice, using myself as my own science project to keep an eye on how I was reacting in all ways to the information I was learning and implementing. Once I knew I was on the right path for the way I wanted to grow, then the next part of my journey was opened up to me and it was time to begin my training. The calling was strong and as I went on the path of self healing, love and discovery, my teachers came to me.  I then found myself thrown into a world of  training with shamans and other spiritual teachers to help me to learn and have a wider understanding of all. As I was training I continually sought out new information that I can learn and use to grow and help others grow, studying in all areas of life to try to understand . I immersed myself with the teaching of great philosophers, scientists, historians, astrophysicists and great leaders and people that have graced this land.  This journey is a continuous one and you will find yourself forever growing and changing . Never be afraid to let go of the old you and see what steps forth from your true essence.

We grow, learn , heal and love together, for we are one.

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